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The New Toyota bZ4X

The New Toyota bZ4X
28 March 2022

Believe it or not, the Toyota bZ4X will be Toyota's first electric vehicle.

This is surprising as the Japanese automaker was a pioneer in electrified technology when its first-generation hybrid Prius helped lead the auto industry into an electrified future.

Its unique name, bZ4X, derives from "bZ" and refers to Toyota's Beyond Zero electrification strategy, with the 4X indicating that it is an SUV. 

Toyota bZ4X Design

The Toyota Bz4X has the futuristic look to match its futuristic powertrain with a cacophony of sharp lines and creases made possible by the latest manufacturing techniques. 

Toyota's styling appears to have been inspired by a hammerhead shark, with thin LED headlights emphasizing the car's width. 

The lack of a grille indicates that this is an electric car without the same cooling requirements as a petrol or diesel car, and Toyota has used the bZ4X's height to hide the bulky battery hidden in the floor. 

The bZ4X also has a plastic cadding around the wheel arches that can prevent accidental bumps and scratches when operating off-road, or more likely in the supermarket car park.

The Toyota bZ4X posses aero cleverness to maximise range - this includes a flat underside, vents that direct air around the front wheels, and a roof and spoiler that soften the car's track. 

Toyota bZ4X Interior

Little is known about the interior, but Toyota claims to have taken full advantage of the electric powertrain package by giving the bZ4X a completely flat cabin floor. This should make it feel light and airy on the inside resulting in all three rear-seat passengers having the same foot space. 

The back seat is a good spot in the bZ4X, as Toyota claims it will offer almost a metre of legroom. However, the 452-liter trunk isn't comparable to the Toyota RAV4, which offers 580 litres. 

When it comes to design, Toyota follows a "hands on the wheel, eyes on the road" philosophy that focuses on uncomplicated design with minimal distractions. The digital instrument cluster sprouts out from behind the wheel, and you get a large central infotainment display with physical buttons reserved for things like the stereo and ventilation system. 

Toyota bZ4X Range, Power and Performance

The Toyota bZ4X has a 71.4kWh battery that will give you a range of around 280 miles with front-wheel drive or 255 miles with all-wheel drive installed. With a 150kWh fast charger, it can charge from 0-80% in as little as 30 minutes. 

The front-wheel-drive models have 204PS and are able to get from 0-62 mph in 8.4 seconds, the all-wheel drive models have 215PS and hit the same benchmark in 7.7 seconds. Both versions can also tow up to 750 kg. 

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