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The New Lotus Eletre

The New Lotus Eletre
04 April 2022

The Lotus Eletre: The 'world's first electric hyper-SUV'

Lotus have unveiled the brand's first ever SUV, which they deem as the 'world's first electric hyper-SUV'. The model is packed with performanced-focused technology and advanced self-driving features, making it one of the most futuristic SUV's ever made.

The second electric vehicle that Lotus have produced following the Evija hypercar introduced in 2020. However, it can take the crown for being the brand's first ever SUV.

The Lotus Eletre Design

The Eletre can't be seen as a jacked-up sports car and definitely won't be a boxy high-riding off-roader either. It possesses an extravangant coupe-like roofline, partnered with heavily sculpted doors, supported by giant alloy wheels that can only belong to a sporty SUV. 

Lotus have followed trend by adopting what can be seen as an 'aggressive-looking' SUV, this is highlighted by their ominous headlights, razor-sharp bumper creases and modern air vents, all designed to let air flow through bits of its bodywork to reduce drag, similar to the Evija.

Another cool feature that the Eletre possesses is it's smart aerodynamic tricks such as the hidden rear spoiler which unfolds at high speeds, partnered with their aesthetic fin-like spoilers on the roof designed specifically to not obstruct the vehicle's onboard sensors.

The Lotus Eletre Interior

Step inside the cabin and the new Eletre looks deluxe and comes brimming with kit. The raised centre console is designed to provide that feel of a traditional sports car, supported by a floating horizontal light which changes colour depending on factors like battery charge or your infotainment system interactions. Additionally, a 15.1 inch landscape touchscreen that folds down when not required compliments the ultra-premium approach that Lotus have adopted.

Furthermore, the heart of the Eletre includes two additional screens (one for the driver and another for the passenger), partnered with HUD which uses augmented reality technology comes as standard in the model. To complete the luxurious concept, Lotus have added a touchscreen in the back between the rear seats, too.

The Lotus Eletre Range and Performance

The Eletre is a four wheel drive, has a battery capacity over 100kWh and produces 600hp. Thanks to it large battery pack, it is anticipated that the Eletre possesses 348 miles of range, a feat that's similar to the BMW IX M60 and comfortably surpasses the Audi e-tron S. It also has an 800V electrical system which will enable users to boost the battery from 10-80% in less than 20 minutes.

The Eletre joins a prestigious club of vehicles in boasting the ability to record a 0-62mph speed in less than three seconds.

Driving the Lotus Eletre

The Eletre is equipped with four driving modes: Range, Sport, Tour and Off-Road. Similar to a Tesla Model X, these modes adjust the settings for the car's motors, the steering and adjust the height of the standard air suspension to ensure the user has a comofortable experience.

As with all exclusive SUV's, the Eletre can possess a wide range of optional extras such as rear-wheel steering to make the car more manoeuvrable in town scenes.

A feature that isn't present in other vehicles are the Lotus Eletre Lidar sensors, part of the car's advanced driver-assistance system allowing for the car to drive itself in certain areas where local laws permit the driver to switch to the car's system full control.

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